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Easy blockchain sharing

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Blockchain revolution

Blockchain technology is already revolutionizing our world and will continue to remodel our societies, governments and economics. More and more people desire to understand blockchain as it rapidly becomes part of our lives. We want to help them to be part of the process.

Knowledge is the answer

Knowledge allows to be part of blockchain revolution. With ConferenceCoin, a tool designed for a global blockchain community, we will help to share blockchain knowledge. We want to enable blockchain enthusiasts around the world to communicate and inspire each other in one single place by making networking fast, easy and cheap.

CoinCo Platform

We will create the CoinCo Platform, a place for blockchain community to share their knowledge and ideas. An online platform where everyone can search for networking opportunity or create his own. With CoinCo Platform organizing or taking part in blockchain event will be easy as never.

Why invest?

The price of our token is discounted now! Until the end of pre-ICO ConferenceCoin price is slowly increasing its value to reach its maximum of 0.01 EUR. ICO started with 35% discount that guarantees you reaching over 50% income after sale ends! Join ConferenceCoin!

Enjoy your benefits

CoinCo Platform will be a place dedicated for the blockchain community. Become part of the CoinCo Platform and claim all the benefits it has to offer!

Easy networking

Do you look for new contacts from blockchain community? Need a profesional help? Stay a few clicks away from finding partners, experts and influencers.

Easy Buy

Are you interested in purchase of know-how or services? Enjoy attractive offers of CoinCoPlatform. Options like book now and pay later, discounts, personal assistance will be waiting for you!

Event creator

Do you want to organize networking session? Conference? Create your own event with easy step by step app. Combine multiple services and create your own successful blockchain event!

Claim benefits of smart contract

We got you covered! All transactions on CoinCo will work on automatically and individually generated smart contracts to ensure they are are cheap, fast and secured.

Sell and purchase services and know-how

Can you help someone with your knowledge? Submit your offer! You need help with something? Find a right partner! Join the CoinCo and exchange services to share knowledge or make a new event happen.

Own payment system

Do you worry about costs? All transaction are made with ConferenceCoin, special currency that guarantees low transactions costs for everyone.



Who we are

ConferenceCoin was created by Blockchain Smart Technologies, a startup technology and marketing agency working on blockchain and ICO projects. By promoting blockchain technology and creating the CoinCo Platform we want to stimulate the growth of blockchain community and know-how sharing and therefore contribute our small share to the creation of the knowledge-based economy. We believe in blockchain revolution and look forward to witness its positive impact on the world in the upcoming years.

Our Team


Sandra Waśkowska



Mateusz Stefaniak

Supervisory Board


Jaromir Taras

Business Relations


Maciej Wróblewski

Blockchain Developer


Lesław Grzonka

Legal Advisory


Oleg Antemijczuk

Blockchain Expert


Jarosław Paduch

Smart Contract Software Advisor


Demian Shevko

Blockchain Events Expert


Ryszard Janiszewski


Contact Our Team

Sandra Waśkowska, CEO: | +48504925002 | LINKEDIN

Mateusz Stefaniak, Supervisory Board: | LINKEDIN

Jaromir Taras, Business Relations: | +48504861101 | LINKEDIN

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